Who Are We and Why Are We Doing This?

The website has been developed by researchers in the Science and Practice in Psychology (SAPP) Research Lab at McGill University. We are interested in Knowledge Translation (KT) and Evidence Based Practices (EBPs) in psychotherapy. 

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Progress Monitoring (PM) measures are an important EBP in psychotherapy that most clinicians are not using. This is a problem because it is reducing the utility of research, the efficacy of psychotherapy, and the outcomes of psychotherapy clients.

 We want to know the kinds of information that help bring clinicians closer to implementing these measures. 

Ultimately, we hope to improve our understanding of KT and improve the uptake of PM and other EBPs into psychotherapy. 

While we endorse the use of PM measures as an EBP, we do not endorse any one measure in particular. Certain sections of Psy Success feature more information on particular measures. This is a function of information availability, and not an endorsement of these specific measures. Our research team worked to contact and collaborate with all developers to ensure that featured measures were represented in the most balanced way possible. 

-the Science and Practice in Psychology Research Lab


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