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"What Your Therapist Doesn’t Know"

"Big Data has transformed everything from sports to politics to education. It could transform mental-health treatment, too—if only psychologists would stop ignoring it."

By Tony Rousmaniere, The Atlantic, April 2017

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"Rethinking therapy: How 45 questions can revolutionize mental health care in Canada"

"Therapy is a tried-and-true treatment for what ails our minds, but it hasn’t caught up with medicine in tracking the data needed to make patients better. Could simple surveys help change that?"

By Erin Anderssen, The Globe and Mail, April 2018



"Are you depressed? Find out in 90 seconds"

How the US military is embracing the BHM-20. 

By Jillian Eugenios, CNN, April 2015

The Effective Therapist Blog

Advancing Outcome Informed Therapy

By MyOutcomes


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The Better Outcomes Now Blog

By Better Outcomes Now


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