Interested In Trying Out PM For Free?

Some PM developers offer free or low-cost trials. Others offer their downloadable measures for free. We have made it easier for you to access these options here...




CORE-IMS offer a variety of measures which can be downloaded for free. 


To access the download form...

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pcoms, by myoutcomes 


MyOutcomes offers the a free 30 day Evaluation Account that includes unlimited PCOMS administrations.


To sign up...

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OQ (Outcome Questionnaire) Measures offers a 90-day trial for $150, which is the one-time setup fee for any OQ-Analysist license. 


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PCOMS, by Better outcomes Now 

Better Outcomes Now offers the PCOMS in 28 different languages for free as well as free trials of the BON technology platform. 


To download the measures for free...

To sign up for a free trial of BON...

Last updated: 20/06/2018