How Much do the Measures Cost?

All prices are in USD. 



ACORN (A Collaborative Outcomes Resource Network) offers a variety of PM measures. 

Web-based system (i.e., the Decision Support Toolkit), mobile/online/paper questionnaires and support services


*Plus $250 set up fee.

*Monthly fee is based on the number of clinicians submitting data during the month. Non-active clinicians are not billed.


BASIS (Behaviour and Symptom Identification Scale) offers a variety of PM measures. 

Paper license


Additional annual fees for web-based system, WebScore, and quarterly reports. 

Contact McLean eBasis for more information. For contact information

CCMH Membership

(includes unlimited access to CCAPS, ability to contribute data, and access to centre-level reports)




CORE IMS (Information Management Systems) offers a variety of PM measures. 

Paper license 




Web-based system, CORE net software


PCOMS, by MyOutcomes

MyOutcomes offers the PM measure PCOMS. PCOMS is comprised of both the Outcome Rating Scale (ORS) and Session Rating Scale (SRS). 

MyOutcomes Pro

(unlimited PCOMS use plus management tool)



MyOutcomes FIT

(MyOutcomes Pro plus interactive training)


between 1-10 subscriptions


between 11-20 subscriptions


OQ (Outcome Questionnaire) Measures offers a variety of PM measures.

Paper license 



Web-based system, OQ-Analyst


for up to 200 clients 



PCOMS, by Better Outcomes Now

Better Outcomes Now offers the PM measure PCOMS. PCOMS is comprised of both the Outcome Rating Scale (ORS) and Session Rating Scale (SRS). 

Paper license 



Web-base system, Better Outcomes Now


depending on number of clinicians in organization


Outcome Referrals offers the PM measure TOP (the Treatment Outcome Package).

Paper license plus scoring algorithm 

Available upon request


Basic Service

(Web-based service (Wellness Check), intro training, monthly reports, and support service)

Available upon request


Enhanced Service

(Basic Service plus standard training, multi-rater options, quality improvement repots, benchmarking, predictive analytic alerts, and data downloads)

Available upon request


Advanced Service

(Enhanced Service plus data collection system, case consultation, quarterly management reports, customized data collection tools and questions, weekly deteriorating-clients management reports, more predictive analytics, and scientific matching of clients to best qualified staff)

Available upon request

Last updated: 26/06/2018