Why Did Clinicians Start Using PM?

We conducted qualitative research to determine which factors motivate clinicians to start using PM.

Here is what they said...


"PM fits with my practice"


Clinicians felt that PM fit well with their...

  • Theory
  • Approach 
  • Values

Specifically, PM was said to align well with...

  • A scientific orientation
  • A solution-focused approach
  • A common factors perspective



"PM can improve my effectiveness and development as a therapist"


Clinicians reported having started using PM to... 

  • Assess and improve outcomes
  • Develop skills
  • Improve confidence 



man and bike.jpg

"PM can enhance the role of the client in Therapy" 


Clinicians reported wanting to implement a tool which would...

  • Foster collaboration in treatment 
  • Facilitate client-centered therapy
  • Help gain the client perspective 





"PM CAN provide me with more data and a more objective picture of my client"







"Pm CAN help me to be accountable"

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Knoll, M., Ionita, G., Tomaro, J., Chen, V., and Fitzpatrick, M. (2016). Progress Monitoring measures: The interaction of initial motivation with selection and maintenance issues. Psychology, 7(3). Doi: 10.4236/psych.2016.73046

Last updated: 23/05/2018